I used to be a journalist before it became a dirty word. Not so many years ago, printing all the news that fit was a worthy, enviable and even a somewhat glamorous career. But somewhere along the line, journalism devolved into making stuff up at its worst, and delivering punditry, self-promotion or the party line at best. A few brave souls still try to dig up facts and tell the truth, but the slow death of newspapers, networks and magazines has made that worthy Jeffersonian passion harder to practice with each passing year.

Rosebud Publishing is one mana€?s attempt to hold the line and follow the calling that I once tried to practice at the Los Angeles Times, CNN, TV Guide and the New York Times when they were all still viable engines of truth telling with high standards and a passion for honest storytelling. Rosebud Pub Productions is a digital adjunct to Rosebud Publishing: a documentary film venture dedicated to nonfiction narrative. Rosebud wona€?t be limited to genres or the mundane, but will tackle all manner of scandal or yarn with only the twin requirements that the story be compelling and receiving scant attention elsewhere.

Anyone who wants to join my crusade by making a contribution in cash or kind is welcome. I am certain that journalism as I once knew it is not dead, but merely in transition.

- Dennis McDougal